5 Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Mobile Home

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

With over 2 million mobile homes in use today, this has become a hard thing to ignore; modular houses are a highly affordable housing option for a great many people. They even have vintage mobile homes going as collectibles, with their own fan clubs to boot!

For mobile home dwellers who are serious about their accommodations, there is always the option of retrofitting for improvement. One of the reasons this is so popular is that it helps with the energy costs. But that’s not all – it can make the home more comfortable, easy to maintain, and valuable on the market if it ever gets there. Following are some of the signs your home may be in need of a few improvements.

  • The thermostat is little in cold winters and hot summers. It’s like you are standing outside.
  • The water heats up too slow
  • The floor gets unbearably cold in the winter.

There are many energy efficient updates to your home which cost less than you can spare. A simple measure is to set the thermostat at its lowest. Then there are also the following things:

Use Caulk

This cuts the amount of air entering the home. For this, you will have to seek out air leaks through cracks, crevices, or other places where air can get in. Fill these with caulk, because it is flexible.

Seal The Heating Ducts

The heating ducts under the home may be leaking air. Acrylic mastic tape can be used to cover the seams. You should also insulate your water pipes to conserve energy. Weather stripping works for movable parts like windows and doors.

Remove The AC In The Winter

A window AC unit may be perfect for the warm months, but it is not so much use when the weather gets too cold. Remove it, or if you cannot, insulate it to limit air leaks.

Maintain The Heating System Well

The furnace and heating systems need to be regularly maintained and cleaned by a professional. Replace the filters often, and vacuum the vent ducts. Fit a programmable thermostat so lower temperatures can be scheduled for when you are away.

Replace Old Doors And Windows

This may be expensive, but the cost can be recouped in Energy Savings over a few years. Windows also update the aesthetic appeal of your home, enhancing both interior and exterior.