5 Reasons RV Living Is Good In Your Twenties

Detractors of RV living always bring up the lack of space. But for someone with an adventurous spirit, it’s all part and parcel of the ultimate free-living experience. And if you are young enough to appreciate it, there is plenty more reasons to hook you to the prospect, besides the idea of owning your home when you are still in you twenties.

For one thing, there is the chance of seeing a lot of the country and sleeping in the same bed every night. Many millennial enjoy living in tiny minimalistic houses because they are practical, but Most 20-something people don’t see what a great asset an RV could be to ‘living a simple life’. Here are a few reasons why RVs can be a good option.

As A Housing Option, They Are Very Affordable

A year’s apartment rent can cost you more than living in an RV. If you are fresh out of college, RV life is one of the best ways to save money. And afterwards, if you wanted to move on from this, you could sell the RV. As long as you kept it out of rough weather and did the occasional maintenance, it will hold its value well.


You are not stuck to the same spot each day. Most people who aren’t middle-aged will appreciate the value of that. With an RV, you can pick up and move to almost anywhere in the country, even upscale neighborhoods, and not put a hole in your wallet. RV rent is a factor of course, but next to what a short-term lease would cost in its place, the former is a more sensible choice.

Life In An RV Can Be A Lot More Fun

No one stays young forever, and everyone wants their piece of travel before they hit middle age; or they should. But if you had that, how would you balance it with work?

There are over 3 million people in the country who work from outside the office. So why not try that yourself? Many jobs require only that you have uninterrupted Wi-Fi, which is something you can hook up in the RV. Log into your work during the week, and the rest of the time, go wherever you want.

You Have More Chances To Meet People You Admire

The best thing about moving around is that you’re more likely to meet your favorite author or singer. Being on the move lets you connect to these people. And the best thing is, you’re on your own time.

You Learn To Live In The Moment, And De-Clutter Your Life

That sounds dangerously close to a hippie mantra, but life in an RV constantly reminds you of your belongings, and exactly which of these you can’t do without. Especially clothes. You start paying more attention to experiences than to things, and many would argue that is the way life to live. Plus, you can become more practical without being too hard on yourself.