7 Reasons Why 55+ Communities Are Good For You

These days, 55+ communities are one of the most popular choices for seniors around the country. Aging citizens get the chance to live in the home of their dreams, while enjoying a sense of community through activities and socializing. Traditional neighborhoods don’t always offer this. Here are a few other reasons why life in a 55+ community is a better proposition for seniors who are particular about what they want.

Homes Designed For Seniors

A far cry from retirement homes and nursing homes, these the can be apartment complexes or condos, or even single family homes inside a gated community. Everything is designed to make life easier for aging residents, like wider doorways for walkers and wheelchairs. Most of these homes are single-level, letting residents access all the rooms without ever having to take the stairs.

The Best Amenities

Many 55+ communities are outfitted with luxurious amenities such as pools, fitness centers, spas, and golf courses. There are even engaging community events if you are staying at Palm Gardens.

Low Maintenance Living

Senior communities almost always have a homeowners association that is charged with maintaining the amenities residents use regularly. This includes keeping up the landscaping as well, so the place looks good all the time. These associations may also cover home insurance, transportation, and some utilities.

Good Location

Senior communities are often near shopping centers, restaurants, churches, hospitals, etc. Close placement to these community facilities is always a plus. Residents wouldn’t have to drive ten blocks to buy groceries or to dine out.


Older residents have the peace of mind from knowing they live next to likeminded people who the share their lifestyle choice. This is a lot better than living alone, and definitely an improvement over being one of the few seniors in your neighborhood. Senior communities offer security measures to protect their residents, such as community gates or night patrol.

Healthcare Provision

Some senior communities give healthcare options, which range between limited support, to on-site care. On top of that, there is also the option to receive in-home care services at your own residence.

Retirement Is Not Mandatory

Most 55+ communities don’t require residents to be retired, and life can go on much the same as it always has, unless the senior wants it differently.

Senior communities are often the best way forward for healthily aging the seniors who want to spend their golden years in comfort.