Arizona: Home to Those with Taste

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Why Should You Live in Arizona?

Arizona isn’t only famous for its Grant Canyon but it has a lot to offer for its residents. The state contains the largest land percentage designated as the tribal area. Some of the popular cultures have resided in the state for almost 1000 years. Hence, there’s plenty of reasons to live in Arizona. 

The list of reasons to live in Arizona include:

  • It has a reasonable cost of living. The cost gets reduced if people choose a mobile home. 
  • There’s a strong job market in Arizona. This is a decent opportunity to increase the living standards. 
  • The state has plenty of places for golfing. 

Arizona is the dream place to reside in for everyone. You will have access to plenty of features while living in this state.  

Arizona’s natural beauty is rivaled only by the restaurants and recipes that grace its warm southwestern landscape. This may in fact be the reason so many travelers end up purchasing Mesa mobile homes for sale. In addition to a never-ending supply of splendid weather, Arizona boasts a whole host of sights, sounds, and flavors bound to please travelers who settle down permanently in our cities, RV communities, and Mesa mobile homes.

Arizona is home to a diverse population of flora and flavors guaranteed to please any palate.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Enjoy a square of Cactus Candy! Phoenix is home to the Cactus Candy Company. This hometown hero produces tens of thousands of these tongue ticklers, every day, using actual pieces of prickly pear cactus!

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Do you have a Taste for Native American history?

Try a traditional Navajo fry bread dish! According to Navajo history, fry bread was created in the mid-19th century as a substitute for bread during the “Long Walk” of displacement from their native land in Arizona, to New Mexico. Family-owned heirloom fry bread stands dot the state’s national parks and public event centers.

Speaking of history, Arizona’s farming tradition goes back over 4,000 years, to early corn and squash cultivation by tribes dwelling in the heart of the Grand Canyon.

The Hohokam people were a Native American tribe who began employing complex agricultural techniques to grow maize and cotton in Paradise Valley as early as 2,000 years ago; resulting in some of the area’s earliest tribal settlements (they figured out how great Mesa, AZ could be 500 years before anyone else!).

Next time you’re enjoying a corn tortilla or some corn-on-the-cob, remember: there’s a big story behind those tiny grains!

Are you a grill master?

Mesquite trees, once thought of as a nuisance by desert farmers, are now a crown jewel of native southwest cuisine. Mesquite charcoal is commonly used to add flavor to burgers grilled outside the homes of many of Arizona’s RV park residents.

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Are you a fan of classical organ tunes? How about 14-inch classic pizza?

If you’re wondering where you could find both under one roof, Organ Stop Pizza is your best bet. This Mesa landmark serves up top quality pizza and entertainment the whole family can sink their teeth into.

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If you’re ready to leave the hustle and bustle of LA, or dodge the shrill winds of Minnesota, you can rest assured Palm Gardens has Mesa mobile homes for sale; your ticket to peace, quiet, and fine desert dining.

Written by: Khayree Billingslea

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