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Mobile Homes for Rent in Mesa Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is a beautiful place to live. Some residents spend winters in Mesa to escape the cold in their seasonal summer homes, while others live in Mesa year-round. Either way, a mobile home rental is one of the most affordable ways to make a temporary or permanent move to sunny Arizona.

Every RV and mobile home community is a little different. Some allow residents to rent lots and install their own mobile homes, while others provide manufactured housing for renters. Most serious property owners offer lot rentals and mobile home rentals to provide a broader range of potential residents.

Want to learn more about living in a rented mobile home? You can read on to find out about all of the benefits of renting a mobile home in Mesa below.

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What Is a Mobile Home Rental?

A mobile home rental is a lot like a traditional home rental. Tenants sign a lease, then pay monthly or weekly rental fees to the property owner in return for uninhibited access to the property. You can find mobile homes for rent in manufactured housing and RV parks in Mesa, Arizona.

Benefits of Renting Mobile Homes vs. Apartments

Mobile home living offers many benefits over renting an apartment, especially for those who take the time to find the perfect mobile home community. Everyone makes a move to a Mesa mobile home for a different reason.

Some residents are trying to start fresh in a new town, while others want to downsize to reduce their bills or embrace a more minimalist lifestyle.

The unique benefits of renting mobile homes over apartments include:

  • More privacy

  • Less noise

  • Lower monthly rent

  • Private outdoor space

  • Fewer pet restrictions

  • Access to a vibrant community

  • Tons of extra community spaces and amenities

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Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Property

Every mobile home park is different. Some rent exclusively to seniors, while others allow individuals and families of all ages. Some features well-manicured lawns and landscaping, while others are less finished. There’s no reason to settle for less when investigating rental properties since there are tons of affordable options in beautiful, quiet, and well-located communities.

Before signing on the dotted line, Mesa locals should take a tour of the property. Taking a tour will allow you to see what kinds of amenities are available and ask any questions about the rental process. Out-of-state renters may not have this luxury, but they can still call to speak with the property manager.

If you’ve never lived in a mobile home rental before, you should make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant before moving in. Ask about visitor and pet policies, property maintenance responsibilities, and available amenities to ensure that you have a good idea of what to expect.

Mobile Home Rental Cost Breakdown

Renting mobile homes is generally more affordable than renting apartments or single-family houses. Monthly rental costs vary based on a wide variety of factors. The easiest way to find out how much it will cost to rent a lot or a mobile home is to call to speak with the property manager.

Factors that influence monthly rental costs include:

  • The size of the mobile home

  • The type of mobile home

  • The age of the mobile home

  • The park’s location

  • What time of the year new residents sign their leases

  • Whether utilities are included

  • Whether there are any pet fees

  • Whether the park owner pays for landscape maintenance

  • What types of community amenities or activities are available

Renters should expect to pay more for newer or more advanced mobile homes. They should also expect their monthly rent to vary based on how close the park is to the town center. If the mobile home community features a pool, garden, or other amenities, the rent will also be higher. 

It’s usually worth the extra money to pay for a rental that comes with all the amenities residents need to live fulfilling lives. Inactive retirement communities added amenities or groundskeeping assistance could be even more valuable.

Is Renting a Mobile Home a Good Idea?

Renting a mobile home offers an affordable option to temporary and permanent residents who do not own their trailers or mobile homes. Whether it is a good idea depends mostly on the company offering the mobile home rental. Choose an upscale mobile home and RV community in a good location for the best experience.

Are you planning to move to Mesa or want to spend a few months getting away from the winter weather? Palm Gardens has mobile home rentals that meet the needs of both temporary and permanent residents. They also have manufactured homes for sale, making it easier to transition into more permanent, long-term lives in the Grand Canyon State.


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