Benefits of Long-Term RV Parks

Last Updated on October 28, 2021 by Palm Gardens

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There are many benefits to long-term RV parks or senior mobile home parks Mesa AZ.

Long-term RVing campers can save a lot of money, receive extended-stay opportunities, and discounted rates, making permanent RVing more affordable and feasible. However, there will always be the RV sewer hose to deal with.

Traveling the great wide open comes with many benefits all on its own but there are times when campers need to find a spot and hook up their RV to utilities, water, and sewer disposal. Sure, it’s nice to roam abroad and have a home-on-wheels; moreover, day-to-day logistics such as the children’s schooling makes more sense in an RV park.

To discover spots like the best rv park Mesa, 55 plus mobile home lots for rent, some basic information about staying at one with the amenities and services, keep reading.

RV Park Mesa Long-Term Living

rv park mesa Many people today with internet jobs from home are now discovering the benefits of living and working mobile wherever they chose. Permanent RV living doesn’t mean you need to stay in the same spot forever but it does give you the freedom to stay wherever you want.

Still, there comes a time when having facilities such as laundry, kitchen, and full bathrooms becomes a breath of fresh air as RV living can sometimes feel crowded depending on the number of people occupying the living space.

Here are benefits to staying in RV park rentals, Mesa, AZ:

Rent or Mortgage Savings: In today’s world the cost of living in a home whether owning or renting one can cost the average American between $800-$2,000 depending on location and the house itself. The average cost for RV park Mesa rentals runs about $75 per day; however, some RV parks offer monthly rates that are often far less.

Swimming Pools: There’s nothing better than going swimming on a hot summer day, especially for seniors. Senior mobile home parks Mesa, AZ, offer seniors and others a great way to cool down and enjoy the outdoors. Most RV park Mesa swimming pools are also designed with the little one’s in mind by providing a low-end.

Laundry Facilities: RV living is no different than living in a regular home, it will generate dirty laundry that needs to be washed. While some RVs have mini or stackable washer and dryer units, many do not or have the space to install them. Therefore, staying at a long-term RV spot makes perfect sense.

A lot of senior mobile home parks in Mesa, AZ, are designed to cater to older campers as well as younger campers who want a permanent spot that has everything under the sun. Most RV parks in Mesa are located close to major shopping centers and other travel destinations, making it easy and convenient to get groceries and so much more.

Finding the Best Spot for RV Park Mesa Campers

rv parkingThat’s easy when you discover Palm Gardens offer the best RV rates. We provide daily rates starting at $50 with all utilities included and an even better deal by the week, month, or annually. We are competitive with our pricing and believe we offer the lowest rates with the best amenities anywhere in Arizona.

We offer the best long-term RV living and senior mobile home parks in Mesa, AZ with everything you would expect to find in a quality RV park.

For more information about mobile and RV lot rentals, call us today or fill out our online contact form. Additionally, at Palm Gardens, we also offer private mailboxes and private patios.