Benefits of Moving to a Mesa Mobile Home

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Mesa Arizona Manufactured Homes for Rent

Does a new job offer have you thinking about moving and relocating? Are you a construction worker or employer who’s on the verge of retirement? Mesa provides the ideal location for many looking to head out west. Big decisions come with big expenses, mobile homes offer the same luxuries are a standard house does, but at a fraction of the cost.

For those with seasonal jobs, then renting mobile homes would also make logical sense. Many financial reasons drive people to mobile homes over traditional stick-built homes. The biggest factor today adding up the costs is the price of lumber across the states.

Updated Mobile Home Standards

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has consistently raised the quality standards manufactured homes need to adhere to. This has brought about many benefits to consumers like improved electrical systems, plumbing, heating, insulation, and improved framing design.

Today’s manufactured homes offer more than just a living space, they offer comfort, safety, and security. They also make a wise investment for the working-class family.

Residential Homes are Expensive

While the median price for a house in California is about $700,000. In Florida, residential homes are selling for $270,000 on average. Making the national average approximately $300,000.

At these prices, it’s easy to see why most people pack up and head to Mesa, Arizona. Mobile homes enter this picture as amazingly affordable alternatives for anyone who dreams of owning a home. So, how much should you expect to pay for Mesa Mobile Home, and what are some of these benefits? Let’s find out.

A single-wide manufactured home costs in Mesa cost about $64,000 while double wide can run between $70,000 to $109,000. By and large, Arizona is the best place to find mobiles homes for sale mesa due to its cost-effectiveness and prime location.
Mobile Homes Are an Environmentally-Wise Decision

A manufactured home is also affordable in other ways too. Thanks to federal regulations, these types of homes don’t have a huge environmental impact since energy and waste management take center stage. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, they are constructed in a way that reduces environmental impact by up to 90 percent.

Mobile Homes Cost Less to Build

Since mobile homes are assembled in a factory, their construction is not only efficient and productive but also eco-friendly. Transportation of a new mobile home to your preferred location is also a great way to reduce carbon emissions. Building a typical home on-site usually requires months to build, unlike manufactured homes.

Mesa Mobile Home Parks Offer a Sense of Community

As more and more people started to buy and live in mobile homes, communities also were developed at record paces. Mesa provides beautifully landscaped mobile home communities in places where the cost of living is low and access to amenities is guaranteed.

Additionally, every Mesa mobile homeowner has their own space with the added benefit of sharing the facilities provided for the community, such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas, tennis and golf courts
  • Hiking trails
  • Gyms
  • Social clubs
  • Group activities, customized for every age group

Where’s the Best Mesa Mobile Home Community?

Palm Gardens RV Park and manufactured housing community is the best mobile home park in Mesa, Arizona. We offer a gated community, 24/7/365 security, shared amenities, and so much more.

We provide the best brand name model currently being constructed here in the states as well as modern mobile homes for sale or rent. Contact Palm Gardens today for relocation advice and an inventory of our available models.