Best Exercise Ideas for 55+ Seniors

Last Updated on July 17, 2023 by Palm Gardens

Best exercise ideas for active seniors | Palm Gardens OnlineRegardless of our age, a great exercise regimen is always deemed good for our health and overall well-being. By working out, you can stay highly active both physically and mentally. However, depending on our age, the workout changes. It’s because exercises should always be customized as individuals age, body, and other crucial factors apply.

Exercise ideas developed for 55+ communities are comparatively easy, simple, and light. Seniors can easily conduct these workouts on a daily basis without suffering any injuries or other health complications. In fact, there are guides available in proper mobile home parks for seniors to help them easily conduct these physical activities.

To know more about the ways for staying active in the summer for seniors, let’s keep reading to discuss everything in more detail.


What is an Active 55+ Community?

The active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ, or any other area across the globe are basically organized active living areas for senior people over 55 plus ages. These are also known as retirement communities as most people choose to live here after their retirement to enjoy the company of like-minded people.

The idea of 55-plus communities is to help senior people who want to downsize their life without compromising the amenities. With these communities, people can connect with neighbors who are of similar ages and continue enjoying their life in a peaceful and safe environment without investing too much money.

The best things about active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ include:

  • The cost of living in these communities is comparatively a lot cheaper than other residences.
  • 55 plus communities are located everywhere in the United States which enables you to choose any of your preferred locations.
  • Communities like Mesa mobile homes at Palm Gardens offer a sense of security and safety to all the guests who reside there with our gated community.
  • Regardless of the low cost, you can get all the amenities including nearby golf courses, social events, art rooms, sporting events, dining areas, etc.


Moreover, in active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ you can say goodbye to all the noise complaints and invite serenity for the rest of your life.


Tips to Stay Active in 55+ Communities


By staying active in the summer or all through the years, seniors can combat the natural challenges that occur as we age. In fact, regular exercise can help senior people to stay healthy and live a comfortable life. There’s no need to bear costly gym membership as there are a few tips to stay active while living in 55+ communities.

Here are four tips for seniors to stay active:


Tip #1: Start Slowly By Walking

Walking is one of the most enjoyable and risk-free exercises for individuals regardless of their age. It improves the body’s flexibility, mobility, and heart health, and lowers the risk of developing any diseases in the future. Seniors can benefit simply by walking 2-3 miler per day.


seniors lifting weightsTip #2: Consider Easy Weight Training

Some people want to keep their body in proper tone even when they are over 55+ age. Therefore, for them, lightweight training would be ideal. It’s important to consult a trained person in this field to avoid any injuries. Additionally, seniors should talk with their primary healthcare provider before excessive weight training is conducted.


Tip #3: Start Endurance Workouts

Some endurance workouts like swimming, cycling, and climbing stairs are safe and ideal for 55+ senior people. You can start slowly and follow a proper routine to allow your body to cooperate with these workout regimens. Another good idea for endurance is to hike some of the nearby nature trails located close to Palm Gardens.


seniors yogaTip #4: Try Meditation & Yoga

Yoga and meditation offer plenty of health benefits to individuals regardless of their age. It helps you to get relief from pain and aches, sleep better, tone your body, elevate your confidence, reduce tension, and make you feel happy. Many seniors love taking meditation and yoga classes because it makes them feel healthier and more active.

Above are just a few tips for active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ, or any other area. Lastly, make sure you don’t suffer an injury while conducting any exercises at this age.


Where Are the Best Active 55 Communities in Mesa, AZ?


Although there are a lot of communities available throughout the United States, still finding the one located at your desired location is a challenge in itself. This is why Palm Gardens is here to offer Mesa mobile homes located in 55+ communities that include all the modern amenities for senior people.

If you want to downsize your life and still want to enjoy the amenities and company of like-minded people, contact us today. We have a list of properties available for senior people at an affordable price. To know more about senior living at Palm Gardens, contact us today and come see why so many 55+ people love living here.