Best Pets for Seniors

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Palm Gardens

pets in senior communities
Many 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona communities have aging seniors, and one of the best ways to make them feel comfortable is with a pet. The best pets for seniors depends on the capability of the senior and their ability to take care of them. While some pets for seniors are ideal some are not; therefore, careful consideration is best.

Seniors living with limited mobility or are bed bound and in a wheelchair need a pet that fits their lifestyle and is easy to take care of. Pets can make seniors feel safe and loved as most seniors are alone and living away from family members sometimes. Having a pet for a senior also provides them with companionship and comfort.

To discover the best 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona has to offer, where seniors can have pets, and the best pets for seniors with unconditional love, keep reading.

What Are Some Issues Seniors May Face When Choosing a Pet?

mobile home park pets There are many issues facing seniors who want a pet. One of the biggest concerns is the ability of the senior to take care of their pet. For example, some 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona may have required pet waste cleanup rules; therefore, if the senior has a dog, can they adequately clean up the waste and properly dispose of it?

Below are some common issues and questions when deciding on the best pets for seniors:

  • How big is the seniors home and what size pet can it accommodate?
  • Can the senior citizen manage one or more pets?
  • Does the senior want a pet with high energy levels or do they want a quiet one?
  • Can the senior spend time with the pet or do they need one that is low maintenance?
  • Does the senior have the financial support to provide care for the pet with food, toys, treats, and trips to the veterinary clinic for shots and routine visits?
  • Will the seniors have someone who can take care of their pets if they get sick or have to go to the hospital?
  • What kind of pet does the senior want as far as protection or companionship?

Additionally, can the senior physically take care of the pet short or long-term as pets like cats and dogs typically tend to live 5-10 years or more.

The Best Types of Pets for Seniors

pets for seniors Since there are many different types of pets, the best pets for seniors tend to be ones that are low maintenance and easy to love. Further, depending on the 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona rules, certain pets may not be allowed; however, at Palm Springs in Mesa, Arizona that isn’t a problem.

Below are the top choices for senior pets:

Dogs:Dogs are every senior’s top choice as they make great friends but they do require extra work like cleaning up after them and taking care of them with the things that all dogs need. However, if your senior is able to take care of a dog, then that would be the ideal pet. The next question would be the size of the dog for the home and senior.

Cats: Cats are also a great choice for seniors as they provide companionship and are very low maintenance. They typically don’t offer the same friendship as a dog does but depending on the cat, they can be very loving and make seniors feel loved and wanted. For seniors wanting a cat, determine their ability to change and fill the litter box.

Fish: Fish are the best pets for seniors who are living with restricted mobilities. Fish are easy to take care of but they do need the water changed and shouldn’t be overfeed. Therefore, if your senior has dementia, then a fish tank may not be the best option. You may want to consider robotic pets.

Robotic Pets: Robotic pets offer seniors a life-like pet that is cuddly and soft and some even sing lullabies, making your senior feel comfortable and relaxed. There are many types of robotic pets such as birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, and teddy bears.

Where’s the Best 55 Plus Mobile Home Parks Arizona for Seniors and Pets?

best mobile home parks ArizonaPalm Springs in Mesa, Arizona is the best place for seniors who want a pet. We offer a wide range of services that cater to seniors and pets. For more information about the best mobile home parks for seniors and pets, call us today or fill out our contact form and get everything you need for your senior to enjoy life while having a pet.