RV Tips

How to Beat the Mesa Arizona Heat in 2022?

When it comes to beating the heat in Mesa, Arizona in 2022, there are many things that people can do to stay safe, even with the purchase of manufactured homes for sale. Trying to keep cool during the Mesa summer is a challenge, but when you have the right information, it makes things a lot

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What is Boondocking?

The difference between boondocking and dry camping is the places where it’s done. (It’s not done in an RV Park!) When you go in a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot or any other location without hookups, you are dry camping. Boondocking refers to dry camping out in the “boonies.” This means away from civilization,

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RV Rallies

What are the Reasons to Join an RV Rally? RV rally is the planned gathering of all the RVers who have something in common. There are large associations such as the FMCA or Good Sam that often conduct these RV rallies. Members of these associations can gather at a designated place and time to share

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