Testimonial Quote 5

“My husband and I enjoy living at Palm Gardens. The other residents and the family owners make Palm Gardens stand above all others.” -Georgia Ill

Testimonial Quote 4

“I have enjoyed living at Palm Gardens with good and friendly people. Everyone here is so helpful, including the owners, the Stewart family who have been very helpful and friendly to me.” – Armand Will

Testimonial Quote 3

“I love this park. The grounds are kept so clean, the people are very friendly, and there is a sense of pride when you live at Palm Gardens.” – John S

Testimonial Quote 2

“We came here looking for part time work. One look and we decided to retire here. What more could one want in their retirement years than this.” – RT

Testimonial Quote 1

“The atmosphere of the park is so friendly. The people and neighbors are top notch. We see our friends who live in parks bought by corporations. We are very lucky to be in a family-owned park, with owners who care not only for the business, but for the...