How To Create Your Own Garden

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Your home should always feel welcoming and very personalized. To bring this aspect to the AZ RV parks and Mesa RV parks a simple flower or vegetable garden might do the trick. Tending to your own garden will become your new favorite hobby and if you decide to grow vegetables it will bring freshness to your kitchen.


Here are some steps for creating your very own small garden:

1. Decide what you would like to plant. Before you start planting or even buying materials it is important to think about what kind of garden you would like to grow. Would you prefer planting colorful flowers or would you like to plant seeds and watch them grow into some of your favorite fruits and veggies? No matter which you chose, realize that a garden will take some upkeep but it is often therapeutic.

2. Gather the materials. Once you have decided the type of garden you want to grow you can begin to make a list of all the materials and plants you must go purchase. Don’t forget to buy the items like fertilizer and a small set of clippers.

3. Make the planter or window box. Your garden will need to a proper place to grow whether it is a small planter just outside your door or you decide you want it to hang outside your window. No matter what you decide you will need to purchase materials to build the box or you can probably just purchase a windowsill container. If you do decide to hang a planter from your window make sure it is secured properly.

4. Choose the proper location. Of course your garden will need sun but not too much especially in this Arizona heat. Be cautious where you place your small garden. One plus to having a small movable planter is being able to remove it from the sun if need be.

5. Care for it. Now that your garden is all set up and your plants will soon begin to grow it is important to establish a schedule for when you will water and care for your plants. This process may be tedious at first but soon you will enjoy caring for your garden. Who knows, maybe it will be your new favorite Mesa RV parks hobby.

Get your green thumb on! Palm Gardens wishes you the best of luck on your new garden.