Five Facts About Manufactured Homes

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Manufactured homes are built in a factory setting. When customers order them, the builders transport these homes to the desired location and re-assemble them there. There are many builders who make manufactured homes. Champion Homes is one such builder, and has built most of the manufactured homes for sale in Palm Gardens.

In recent years, the popularity of manufactured homes has risen significantly. Many prefer them to site-built homes because of obvious reasons such as affordability, convenience, and durability. Additionally, builders like Champion Homes make sure they follow all the rules set by the authorities while designing manufactured homes.

If you are planning to invest your money in a manufactured home, here are five facts you need to be aware of.

1. Tax

Whether you live in site-built homes or manufactured homes, you are legally obliged to pay the tax. Though some have this misconception, there is no tax concession on manufactured homes. It is 100% same as the conventional homes. However, the tax bracket may vary depending on the state you live in or how you choose to have your manufactured home set up.

2. Insurance

You can cover your manufactured homes with insurance so that you can claim for any damage or theft. The insurance procedure and other legal formalities are also same as site-built homes. If you need to get more clarity on the insurance procedure, consult with your current insurance.

3. Home Loans

If you don’t have liquid cash in your hand to buy any of the manufactured homes for sale in Palm Gardens, you can get home loans for them as well.

4. Green Building

Manufactured homes are more eco-friendly than the site-build homes, and so they are generally considered as green building. Even the government authorities in some states encourage people to stay in such homes.

5. Wind Resistance

As per the law, manufactured homes need to be capable of resisting winds of 175 mph. Reputed builders make sure to follow this rule strictly, and so, you can be rest assured of a safe stay in a manufactured home.

Manufactured homes are good in all respects. They are affordable to buy, safe to live, and legal to own. Get in touch with our customer support associate today to get more information about manufactured homes for sale in Arizona’s Palm Gardens.