Great Mobile Home Interior Design Tips

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by RkoocIC8dt

There are several modern and intuitive decor and furniture options for every mobile home made. For those manufacturing mobile homes at active 55 communities in Mesa Az, the industry has exploded with job opportunities as new furniture pieces and space-saving fixtures are making mobile homes more attractive to potential new home buyers. According to mobile home interior designers, picking the right furniture that maximizes your interior space is a key element to a great floor design.

Today’s mobile homes are anything but boring, they come with all of the amenities of a traditional stick-built house. From the view inside, it can be hard to tell the difference as drywall and custom mill work have replaced conventional paneling and inexpensive trimwork.

Here are five great mobile home interior design tips according to professional interior designers:

Tip #1: Chair Rails

Chair rails are a great design feature that adds dimension and character to your walls and offers more than just protection from furniture. Installing chair rails makes any room they’re installed in appear taller. To install chair rails at the proper height, you should use the rule of three. By taking the wall’s height and dividing it by three, gives you the proper measurement to install chair rails in a mobile home.

Since most mobile homes have seven foot sidewalls, which equals 84 inches, you would divide 84 by 3 and get 28 inches. This is the first 1/3 marker and where you would want to install your chair rails. The rule of three has been utilized in small spaces repeatably throughout the industry because it simply works to maximize space and makes rooms appear taller than they really are.

Tip #2: Lighting

Most interior decorators use lighting as an accent tool that adds pleasant aesthetics and ample lighting to mobile home design. Most interior lighting fixtures can be easily installed by the average homeowner; however, pendant and recessed display lights typically require a licensed electrician. With such a vast variety and styles of lights, you can add decor to your mobile home and make it more welcoming by simply upgrading your lighting fixtures.

Tip #3: Matching Accent Pieces

Mobile home design today comes with high-end laminate flooring and ceramic tiles. One of the best ways to bring the color of your floor out is to match its color with your accent pieces. Items such as end tables, coffee tables, and picture frames with the same tone and texture of your flooring material makes the room flow and seamlessly connect together.

Matching accent pieces also come in a wide range of space-saving options that can be used for additional storage or displaying trinkets and artwork.

Tip #4: Paint it White

Painting everything white in a mobile home is a very popular interior design hack used by many interior decorators to make interior space appear larger. The beauty of painting everything white is the endless possibilities to add color from flooring choices to curtains, wall decor, pillows, fabrics, and fixtures. Painting your walls white opens up the space and make each room look more inviting, especially when the right accent colors are used.

Tip #5: Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a great way to maximize your flooring space, and they offer mobile home owners multiple storage and functional options. Kitchen islands can be custom built to your exact specifications and needs or you can buy one already assembled and designed for mobile homes at home improvement centers and online with a number of vendors.

Mobile home design is always something fun and rewarding, but if you want a mobile home that already comes loaded with the best interior design packages, you should consider buying or renting one of the elegant and luxurious models at Palm Gardens in Mesa, Arizona, and live like a luxury vacationer.