Hosting Guests in a Mobile Home

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

With Arizona’s beautiful January weather, it’s no surprise Arizona mobile home parks have seen such an influx of snowbirds. Mobile homes for sale in AZ are certainly seeing more guests now than in the summer!  If you have family coming to town to experience this balmy winter, or if you are simply looking to host a friend for a few days in your mobile home, the prospect of comfortably housing your guests in such a small space may seem somewhat daunting. But never fear! Here are some helpful tips on how to make your guests’ experience in your mobile home as enjoyable as possible.

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Clear space in the bathroom

Accessibility in the restroom can greatly contribute to a vacationer’s experience. Inadequate space for one’s personal toiletries is downright annoying. Make sure to clear off plenty of shelf space for your guests.

Sleeping arrangements

Bedroom space tends to be somewhat scarce in mobile homes for sale in AZ. If this is the case for you, plan in advance how you are going to have your guests sleep. A pullout couch, perhaps? Or maybe an inflatable air mattress? Whether you have a roomy king size bed available or a meager twin size sleeping bag, have it all set up with fresh linens and pillows upon your vacationer’s arrival. You want to ensure a good first impression when they enter your home.


Within twenty minutes of arriving at Arizona mobile home parks, your younger guests will ask you for your WiFi password, guaranteed. Prepare for the inevitable demands of internet access by placing a post-it note on the refrigerator with your network name and password for them.

Subtly invite them to help out

Okay, hosting guests is exhausting. Though it is rewarding and fulfilling to have family and close friends stay with you for a short time, constantly making sure they have everything they need to be comfortable can really wear you out. Without being too forward, invite your house guests do a little house keeping. Consider leaving cleaning supplies in your living area with a reasonable list of housekeeping duties and hope that they get the hint!

Image: Ali Edwards