How A Mobile Home Can Be Turned Into Smart Home

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Technology can be and usually is hard to live without. It is a means to make our lives simpler and more convenient. It is also a way to save on bills, by turning your manufactured home into a tech machine instead of making extensive renovations to it. If you already have a fairly good looking home, it is probably time you left the looks aside and turned it into a smart home. The foundation for this is probably laid out, making your work easier.

Extend The Wi-Fi

Is your Wi-Fi signal weak in certain areas of the home? This can be corrected with the use of a power line-networking plug, which is a simple improvement when you think of it. This plug looks the same as a regular power outlet, but it goes directly into the current one. After that, you connect an Ethernet cable from the “Out” port on the router and insert this into the Ethernet connection on the plug. This would send a signal through the electrical grid, and to receive that, you would need a second plug at another power outlet in the house.

USB Power Outlet

Manufactured homes usually have a limited number of outlets, and you probably have a number of devices you need to charge at a given time. Just put up USB power outlets, which have both the traditional outlets and the USB ports. Swap out the current outlet and put in a USB power outlet, or buy a USB adapter that plugs into the standard outlet.

The USB power outlet lets you charge your phone, tablet, or camera anywhere in the house. This can be done with or without the charger, and does not require the use of standard outlets.

Smart Lights

Light bulbs can take up significant amounts of power and the habit of leaving them on when you leave the room is not something you can afford. It is best to put up smart lights in a prefab home, and program these turn off at certain times, change their color, or dim. These bulbs screw into a light outlet like any other bulb, and connect to the Wi-Fi in the house. You can control how they behave using an app installed in your smartphone or tablet, which would also show you whether these lights are on or not.