How Renting a Mobile Home Can Save You Money

Last Updated on October 11, 2022 by Palm Gardens

How Renting a Mobile Home Can Save You Money

Manufactured or mobile homes are prefabricated houses that never require a conventional foundation. Depending upon the customer’s land preferences, the home is constructed by the manufacturer or building contractor on site. Prefab pieces of the structure are built on assembly lines much like an automobile and then delivered.

Being less permanent than traditional homes, mobile homes offer a great alternative and advantages to tenants. One of the major benefits of renting a mobile home is the cost-saving option. When compared to the cost of building a traditional stick-built home with the soaring cost of lumber today and a foundation, it’s far less expensive.

To discover how seniors can make mobile homes an optimal solution, especially for those who want to live in a 55-plus community, keep reading to learn more about the perks of renting mobile homes.


What is a 55-Plus Community for Seniors in Mesa Mobile Home Parks?

Generally, mobile homes are located in specific mobile home parks which are like a condominium association. In most cases, the common spaces of the mobile home park are maintained by the owners whereas tenants take care of smaller lots. However, depending on the mobile home park, many grounds services are included.

A 55-plus community for seniors in Mesa mobile home parks or any other park, simply indicates that it’s permitted for senior people only. Therefore, all the facilities of the park are geared toward people over 55 plus. Sometimes, these parks also have usage and noise restrictions to better care for senior people.

Other benefits of renting a Mesa mobile home are the following:


It’s Affordable

Mobile homes are much more affordable than single-family homes. Tenants pay the rent of their own private space and own the entire home in exchange. It means seniors can pay a small monthly rent and have a larger space to live in comparison, making a Mesa mobile home for seniors a viable and more economical housing solution.

Generally, the Mesa senior mobile homes can be found in a single, double, and even triple wide width. In fact, the small offerings have enough space for seniors to live comfortably while some even have handicap ramps and wider doors for motorized wheelchairs or their favorite outdoor buggy.


It’s Organized for Seniors

One of the best perks of senior mobile home parks Mesa, AZ, or any other area is that these homes are well designed and organized for seniors. Since people over 55 plus need more affection and care, the amenities are geared towards them. Seniors won’t even have to compete with other families and kids for these benefits.

Also, it provides an optimal opportunity to socialize with others since all of them are about the same age. People can talk, walk, and relax with others without worrying about anything in a paradise like Palm Gardens in Mesa, Arizona.


There Are No Maintenance Concerns

Home maintenance is pretty stressful both physically and emotionally. Especially, for seniors that have a lot of difficulty in maintaining their own space such as mowing the lawn, dealing with plumbing problems, raking the leaves, and mobility issues.

This is why mobile homes located in senior communities have fewer maintenance concerns. All the maintenance including the common areas, home yards, and basic house issues is taken care of by the community members themselves.

These are some of the perks of living in Mesa senior mobile homes. A lot of people are still dubious about whether renting a mobile home can seriously save their money or not. Let’s continue reading to know the answers.


Should You Buy or Rent a Mobile Home?

Since the upfront cost of buying a manufactured home seems pretty huge compared to renting, people are more inclined to rent a home. In addition to the upfront cost, the moving process after buying a mobile home can be quite time-consuming. Whereas you can easily move in after renting a mobile home.

Additionally, speaking of house maintenance, everything must be taken care of by yourself when you buy a mobile home. However, when you rent it, all maintenance will be taken care of by the landlord. This is why renting is a better option than buying for seniors, especially those over 55 nowadays.


Where to Find the Best Senior Mobile Home Parks Mesa, AZ?

Senior mobile home parks Mesa, AZ not only offers you affordable housing solutions but also takes care of the basic needs of seniors. While mobile homes are deemed ideal for seniors, it can be difficult for them to find an ideal house at Mesa mobile home parks but not at Palm Gardens.

Here at Palm Gardens, we can help you find an ideal mobile home available for rent that meets the needs of seniors. Contact us now for renting a Mesa mobile home and enjoying the superior amenities with lush grounds and the beautiful Arizona sunshine in your eyes.