AZ Nature Lovers: How to Build a Bird Feeder

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

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When many retirees first move in to our beautiful Mesa mobile home parks, they come with a goal in mind: to take advantage of all that retirement has to offer by enjoying every day beneath the gorgeous Arizona sun.

And here at Palm Gardens, we couldn’t agree with them more.

From early morning walks to relaxing afternoons by the pool, so many of our residents just can’t get enough of the amazing desert lifestyle. And while we’re always posting new and exciting things to do in Mesa, today, we have a little something for our AZ nature lovers. Here is a step-by-step and easy to follow guide on how to build your very own bird feeder:

1. Recycle a coffee can: Though there are many different bird feeder blueprints, the coffee can feeder is one of our favorites because it is both animal and environmentally friendly. Start by gathering your materials: one (empty) 11-ounce coffee can, two square scraps of pine board (at least 4 ½”), two scraps of rectangular plywood (at least 6” by 9”), one 1/4″ dowel (just beyond the length of your coffee can), nails, and a chain to hang the bird feeder.

2. Assemble the front and back: In one of your square pieces of pine board (which will fit on both the top and bottom of the can), drill a small 1” hole. Beneath the hole, drill a smaller one for the dowel. Locate where the dowel will hit in the back square and drill a hole almost all the way through. Insert the dowel through the holes beneath the can.

3. Assemble the roof: Now take your plywood (which will become your roof) and nail them to the front and back boards. With the roof and dowel in place, the coffee can should fit snuggly. Drill a few holes in the can for ventilation, hang the feeder from a tree outside, fill with birdseed, and get ready to meet your new, little neighbors!