How To Get Your Manufactured Home Through A Cold Winter

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

There are many places in the country where winters can get hard to handle. Where your manufactured home is concerned, a few basic steps can be useful in protecting it from cold and freezing temperatures. Fixing this up is not much different from what you would do for an on-site construction. Although, there is some extra stuff needed for prep and maintenance. Following are tips for keeping your home safe from the cold.

  • Install skirting as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and allow good ventilation to keep out odor and ventilation problems. All drain lines from the AC, heat pump, etc., should drain to the outside of the skirting.
  • All access points to the skirting must be closed so that rodents and other wild animals are kept out. Otherwise, these may take up residence under the structure, and you don’t want that under any circumstances.
  • The door closures should be checked and fixed for proper closing action, with latch function to stop excessive air entry. Also related to this, you should vent the clothes dryer directly outside the home, so as to get rid of any condensation problems.
  • Protect the water lines by wrapping them with an approved heat cable. This should be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, which will depend on the type of water riser you have in place. When cold weather hits, make sure the heat tapes are plugged in and in good repair. If you are going to be away for long, shut off the water completely.
  • You will need new sewer lines to get the proper angle for good drainage. If there is any sag in there, you can tie the line up to the frame, or put a block underneath it. The water will lie there and freeze.
  • Put up furnace filters and clean them regularly. If the air does not pass through a filter because it is dirty, this will run up your operating costs.
  • Check to see there is no ice or snow that has built up around the furnace, or on the roof caps of the water heater. This area needs to be kept open to air for proper functioning.
  • When the cold gets severe, leave the closet and cupboard doors open at night, especially when you are not around. That lets heat circulate in these areas.

These are just a few things which will ensure your manufactured home doesn’t rack up a need for weather-related repairs. It is also good for boosting the energy efficiency of the place.