Is it Worth Buying a Mobile Home in a 55+ Community?

Last Updated on July 11, 2022 by Palm Gardens

Many seniors today are wondering if the cost of 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona is more economical than buying a traditional stick-built home? With the cost of living reaching an all-time high with inflated gas, food, and utilities, mobile home parks for seniors in Arizona are becoming a popular destination.

According to national housing statistics, mobile homes are about 30% less expensive than a house constructed on a foundation. While some down payments for financing a new house can run up to 20% of the construction loan, buying a new or newly remodeled mobile home costs the average homeowner approximately 5% down.

Keep reading to discover more about Palm Garden’s best mobile home parks in Mesa, AZ, the benefits of 55-plus communities, and why seniors love them.

Is Buying a Mobile Home Worth it to Seniors?

According to seniors in the best 55 plus mobile home parks Arizona has to offer, the answer is, yes. Since many seniors are on fixed incomes and want to retire in Arizona, Mesa mobile home parks make the most sense. Buying a new home for seniors is often more than they can handle, making the cost of a mobile home the best option.

mobile homesHere are some of today’s price comparisons for new stick-built homes versus a mobile homes:

  • Single-wide Mesa mobile homes price: $44,500 to $59,500
  • Double-wide Mesa mobile homes price: $109, 900 to $119,500
  • Traditional stick-built homes price: $338,570

With significant price differences like you see above, it’s no wonder seniors are flocking to 55-plus communities in Mesa, Arizona, and leaving the bigger houses and payments to the younger generations.


The Benefits of 55 Plus Mobile Home Parks in Mesa, AZ


There are many benefits for 55-plus communities and mobile home parks for seniors. One of the biggest benefits is yard maintenance is sometimes included with living in a mobile home park for seniors; however, Mesa mobile home parks and their maintenance fees can vary. Therefore, always ask if that’s included or an extra cost.

Here are some benefits of 55-plus communities in Mesa mobile home parks:

  • Community Living: Living in a mobile home park for seniors provides community living as there are many different events that take place inside a well-knit community of seniors all living for the same things. 
  • Meeting New Friends: It’s always great when seniors can meet new friends who enjoy hanging out together and going to nearby sites and tourist destinations, or even just getting together for a BBQ and playing afriendly game of bridge.
  • On-Site Amenities: The best mobile home parks in Mesa, AZ provide on-site laundry amenities and some even have swimming pools. Depending on the Mesa mobile home park, some even have miniature golf courses or are located close to golf courses.
  • Nature and Trails: One of the best parts of living in mobile home parks for seniors is the availability of seeing nature and walking trails for exercise and peace of mind.

There are many benefits to the best mobile home parks in Mesa, AZ for seniors and the 55+ community but ones like Palm Gardens provide maximum safety with gated communities.

Where to Buy Mesa Mobile Homes for 55-Plus Communities?

The only place for the 55+ community to buy a Mesa mobile home is at Palm Gardens. We provide a wide range of mobile homes for sale and an oasis of pleasure combined with the peace of mind of living in a gated community. To see what Palm Gardens can do for you today, call us or fill out our online contact form for more information.