What Makes Palm Garden RV Parks Better Than Apartments?

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

For the last few years, many holidaymakers are turning to Palm Garden’s RV Park in Mesa AZ. The trend has become so intense now that many wonder what is so special about the place. To answer that, here are some reasons for the growing popularity of RV Parks in Mesa.


One might assume that staying in a RV Park is expensive but the truth is that it is cheaper than renting an apartment. Furthermore, the number of facilities offered at Palm Garden RV Park is more than you could ever expect from an apartment.

Ample Space

Our RV Park in Mesa Arizona is spacious enough to house big RVs or mobile homes. These are ready-to-go houses that one can book at any time and be assured of comfortable living without any troubles.

No Shared Walls

One of the drawbacks with apartments is shared walls. This is a big problem for people who give greater importance to privacy. Palm Gardens RV Park varies significantly from apartments in this regard. Here, you get an independent living space, where you can be on your own.

Personal freedom of the occupant is highly respected in Palm Gardens.

Appropriate For Long Stays

Usually, apartments are not ideal for people who plan longer stays because, if you wanted to do some basic gardening, there is no option for that when living in an apartment. On the other hand, the same is allowed in Palm Gardens mobile homes, and you get your own yard for that.


Palm Garden mobile homes offer all the assistance for the residents to form communities. This gives a better platform for the residents with same tastes to come together and share their opinions and views.

In all respects, Palm Gardens RV and mobile home parks are outstanding and of course, the best option for people on recreational trips. Get in touch with the Palm Gardens to book your RV space today!