Making Your Pet Feel At Home In A New House

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Shifting house is an exciting experience for the family, but it may not fare so well on pets. Domesticated animals need more time to adjust to a new environment, get a feel of the place, and discover the spots they are most comfortable napping in.

Loving owners have a responsibility towards their animal companions, and should do what they can to keep them happy. Following are some tips to make your pet feel at home in a new place.

Make Dining More Convenient

Your furry friend will have to have its own spot for meals, unless you are okay with him or her being in the dining room. Set aside a bowl that is suited to its size, and clean this between meals. But feed your pet only once or twice a day.

Many manufactured homes can be customized with a pet friendly feature, such as pet dish drawers to stow bowls when they are not in use. Just pull the drawer open when it is mealtime, and make sure to leave the pet a dining area of its own.

A Hangout Space

Pets spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing productive; unless they are tired of napping and relaxing all day, in which case they will want to play. For the former, they will need a spot where they won’t get in your way, or be disturbed when they need to take a nap or hang out.

Sunrooms are the perfect example – pets and humans get to enjoy the feel of the sun while remaining inside your manufactured homes. You may write off the experience as just another pleasant afternoon, but for your pet, this is priceless.

Grooming Stations

Giving your pet a bath inside the home can be messy. This argues in favor of a pet wash-station with a hand-held hose. Put this outside the home so you can wash your pet before he or she drags a ton of dirt into the house.

The wash station will need to be properly outfitted with the needed supplies, soft, spongy towels, shampoo, and whatever grooming tools you think are necessary for your four-legged friend to look presentable.

Safety Outdoors

Most pets love the outdoors, and being able to play with their owners when they’re outside a walled structure. If you have a yard, add a fence with vertical slats or rails. The latter need to be close enough to keep the pet from slipping through, and high enough that it can’t jump over.

Floor Covering

Most pets shed hair daily, so if you are getting a carpet, it makes sense to get something close in color to the pet’s coat. This way the shed hair won’t be so obvious if you skip cleaning once in a while.