Top 5 Reasons Why Arizona is Ideal for Retirees

Everyone around Mesa mobile home parks knows Arizona for its pleasantly warm winters and unbearably hot summers, but Arizona and the area around Arizona manufactured homes has countless other qualities that make it a unique and enjoyable place for retirees to love their lives as seniors. Aside from being home to the Grand Canyon, here are the top 10 reasons that Arizona is the ideal retirement spot for seniors.

palm gardens march photo

1. The Spectacular Southwestern Sunsets

Nothing beats looking out on the Southwestern horizon in the evening and seeing the explosion of pinks, yellows and oranges descending in the sky. Literally. Every. Single. Night. It never gets old.

2. Location, Location, Location

So you say you can’t stand the three months of over-100-degree summer heat? Never fear! Though landlocked and dry, Arizona manufactured homes and the Greater Phoenix Area are surrounded by cooler vacation spots to relieve you of heat-stroke. 4 hours south of Phoenix is Rocky Point, Mexico, 6 hours west is San Diego, California, and a few hours north are countless manmade rivers and lakes in higher elevation.

3. The Mouthwatering Mexican Food

You simply can’t experience fajitas like the ones in Arizona anywhere else in the world . . . well, except for Mexico, maybe. Arizona’s cuisine has a strong Mexican influence and it really shows in the profusion of Mexican restaurants lining the Phoenix Valley. For a lover of good-eats, it doesn’t get any better than this.

4. The Wonderful Weather (year-round)

Nine months out of the year, Arizona has perfect weather for all things outdoors. Just about any day October through June is the perfect day for biking, hiking, jogging . . . you name it! And even in the boiling summer months there are cool swimming pools, smoothie shops, and ice cream parlors to power you through to the cooler autumn months.

5. The Culture

For the art-snob (or just anybody who appreciates the art, really) Arizona is overflowing with opportunities for artsy outings. The state’s premiere ballet company, Ballet Arizona, performs classical ballets and modern pieces year-round, often accompanied by the Phoenix Symphony. Downtown Phoenix is home to the Phoenix Art Museum and the Heard Museum, a gallery of Native American art and history. Farther north in Phoenix is the MIM, the world’s only global musical instrument museum. For a lover of the arts, it doesn’t get any better than Phoenix.

Image: Fré Sonneveld