7 ways to enjoy Arizona Spring weather

In Arizona, spring is the season to get out of your Mesa RV parks and experience the outdoors. Though spring does not technically start until March, the Arizona weather in February more or less fits the definition one typically associates with the season. The areas around Arizona mobile homes for rent are always beautiful, but nothing compares to spring time. The temperature is envied by every other state in the country and the fresh air makes the outdoors an ideal hang-out. Here are seven fun ways to get the full effect of Arizona outdoors – especially before summer. 

Palm Gardens Feb 2


1. A Picnic in the Park

Pack up some turkey sandwiches and a blanket and head over to the nearest park with the grandkids. A picnic in the park is not only a great way to enjoy the company of your family, it also affords you the opportunity to breathe in plenty of Arizona’s crisp fresh air and get out of the Mesa RV parks.

2. Gardening

Flowers that are indigenous to Arizona are magnificent when in full-bloom. Head to a nursery near the Arizona mobile homes for rent and grab a packet of wildflower seeds to sprinkle in your front-yard. In just a few weeks you should see an array of yellow and orange petals – the trademark of spring in Arizona.

3. A Gentle Hike

Arizona has no shortage of hiking hot-spots ranging from flat and gentle for beginners to rocky and rigorous for a more challenging adventure. Grab your hiking boots and pick out one of the endless locations for a morning excursion.

4. Evening Hot-Tubbing

Busting out swimsuits in February is unheard of in other states, but a relaxing hot tub session after a long day is the perfect way to unwind in Arizona. A margarita and a bikini are all you need for a calming evening in the hot tub.

5. Dining Al Fresco

Nothing beats a meal outside in Arizona in the spring time. Whether it’s on the patio of a restaurant or on the porch of your house near the Arizona mobile homes for rent, outdoor eating makes food taste better with a cool breeze on your skin.

6. Mid-day Dog Walk

When else can you take the dog for a walk around the block in the middle of the day but in Arizona in February? Get your pooch on a leash and confidently venture around the neighborhood without bringing a coat.

7. Biking

Don’t miss out on perfect biking weather! Find a biking buddy and explore the area around your home. But don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Image: Jan Vašek