NEWS: Seattle City Leaders Construct Mobile Home Park For Homeless

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

The city leaders are opening up a mobile home village for the homeless in Seattle this week. They also have plans to construct an RV park for homeless residents who currently park their motor homes on the streets. Reports indicate that the number of people with motor homes is increasing on a daily basis.

The mobile home park is going to be set up on the Union Street in the Central District. The city leaders hope that setting up RV parks and mobile home parks would effectively reduce the number of illegal campsites and tents across the city.

Low Income Housing Institute is one of the notable non-profit organizations taking initiatives to build mobile home parks and RV parks in Seattle and surrounding areas. According to its board president, Melinda Nichols, setting up single mobile home park with just 14 homes won’t completely resolve the problems of illegal campsites and tents in the city. However, she hopes that it is a good start.

The homes set up in the Seattle mobile home park has got all the basic facilities like shower, toilets, and lighting. The structures are completely insulated. The city leaders say that 95% of the works are done and the park is ready to welcome the residents.

The Union street mobile home village will open to the selected public this week. Organizers are offering 24/7 security as well. People who opt to live in the park are expected to comply with a set of rules and regulations laid down by the authorities.

According to some reports, Seattle city needs about 4,000 mobile homes to accommodate all the people currently residing on the streets in various parts of the city. All these homes have to be within the park though.

Meanwhile, the city leaders are talking with various landowners to construct RV parks. They have shortlisted a few sites but the negotiation with the landowners regarding the acquisition is still going on.