On Budget Upgrades to Freshen Up Your Mobile Home

Last Updated on September 6, 2022 by Palm Gardens

One of the best things about owning a mobile home is the ease with which it can be remodeled and in a number of different methods. Mobile homes Mesa, AZ offers homeowners flexible options for redesigning their newly purchased mobile homes.

With the right construction material combined with some work, big changes can happen.

Since most Mesa mobile homes are built with kiln-dried 2×6 lumber, the exterior shell and roof support system are just as durable and rugged as a traditional stick-built home. The biggest difference is the foundation of a mobile home as it is constructed on top of a metal chassis much like a flatbed trailer whereas a house is built on top of concrete.

To learn more about mobile home interior design tips and some budget upgrades to freshen up your mobile home in Mesa, Arizona, continue reading.


5 Best Mobile Home Interior Design Tips

When it comes to the five best mobile home interior design tips and on-budget upgrades to freshen up your mobile home in Mesa, Arizona, you found the right source and the five best tips under the desert sun. From easy DIY mobile home remodeling to pro tips, this guide by Palm Gardens has everything you need to know.

Here are five of the best mobile home interior designs tips:

  1. Bathrooms

Since most mobile homes are limited in the number of bathrooms, these rooms tend to see a lot of use; however, some double-wide models offer luxury and space with garden tubs and stand-up showers. It’s always easy to go into bathrooms and give them a fresh coat of paint for a low-cost fix and a new, fresh look that most DIY people can afford and do.

  1. Kitchens

Due to tight areas and cabinet spaces, most kitchens require mobile home contractors to paint the ceiling and walls but homeowners with a can-do attitude can get the job done like a pro.

Here are some basic DIY kitchen painting tips:

  • Use canvas drop cloths on your flooring and lower countertops.
  • Use blue painter’s tape to tape off the edges of the window and door trim as well as your baseboards.
  • Start by painting the ceiling a flat white with a heavy nap 9-inch roller sleeve.
  • Paint your walls with two coats of a washable latex eggshell paint color of your choice.
  • Keep a pail of warm water with light dish detergent handy for wiping up paint spills and drops.
  1. New Laminate Flooring

New laminate flooring is a great way to add color and durable surfaces for mobile homes Mesa, AZ. One of the best ways to replace outdated flooring in mobile homes is to look for flooring centers that sell laminate flooring products because sometimes they have discount flooring that can be purchased for 50% off the retail price.

  1. New Windows and Doors

Buying a trailer in Mesa mobile home parks can sometimes require new windows and doors due to either being outdated or broken. Replacing and upgrading Mesa mobile homes with new windows and doors that are energy-efficient and UV-rated, can reduce your cooling expenses in the summer and save on your heating bills during the winter.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Replacing your lighting fixtures with more energy-efficient LED lighting can boost your mobile home interior upgrade with newer ceiling fans, flush mount lighting fixtures, and recessed can lights. You can also add under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen and bathrooms for illumination and a subtle ambiance at night with different features that can be controlled by your smart things and wireless devices.

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