RV Rallies

Part of your RVing experience might include leaving the RV Park and going to an RV rally. Rallies take place in the following sizes:

  • Large national rallies hosted by Good Sam or the Family Motor Coach Association
  • Brand club rallies for a specific type of RV
  • Regional and local RV rallies hosted by RV clubs and manufacturers

There are no hard and fast rules about what will occur at a rally. The list below is based on what you might find at a large annual RV rally.

  • Seminars that discuss aspects of RVing like insurance, an engine brand, towing, etc. There are seminars that focus on the RV lifestyle. This may include information on traveling, staying fit, how to manage health issues, etc.
  • Crafts are also popular at RV rallies. They may include seasonal decorations, candleholders, note cards, beaded jewelry or anything else that can be crafted.
  • Service for minor things on your RV may also be available at the larger rallies. It will not include major repairs or maintenance.
  • Socializing is a big part of the rallies, especially the smaller ones. You can connect after arrival via cell phone or message board.
  • Exhibitors will usually include an assortment of vendors selling everything from cleaning products to satellite systems

Entertainment is also a big feature of the bigger rallies.