The Benefits of Active 55 Communities in Mesa, AZ

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Active 55 communities are also referred to as retirement communities, senior apartments, or 55+ communities. They enable citizens aged 55 or more to enjoy maintenance-free, independent living. Top communities in Arizona include 55 plus communities in East Valley, AZ, and 55 mobile home communities in Mesa, AZ.

Because of the many benefits obtained from the communities, they are increasingly gaining popularity among new retirees. In Mesa, AZ, active adult communities offer unique living conditions with various amenities, including swimming, woodshops, tennis, fitness, golf, pickleball, social events, arts and crafts.

Life within the Mesa retirement communities is comforting and enjoyable when spent with different people who have different experiences to share.For more information about retirement communities, keep reading.

What is an Active 55 Community?

An active 55 community is a planned retirement grouping that provides social amenities and residence to people aged 55 and above. Active 55 communities in Mesa AZ are mostly located near restaurants, shopping centers, and recreation centers with plenty of entertainment.


There are numerous ADVANTAGES OF 55+ ACTIVE LIVING. This explains why many adults choose to settle in 55+ plus communities after their retirement.

These include these 10 key considerations:

1. Relatively Fixed Monthly Expense

Although living in the community is not a low-cost option, residents enjoy fixed monthly costs. If renting, for instance, the rent will likely be an all-inclusive package that covers all the relevant fees for services and utilities. This greatly reduces the daily costs incurred in traditional living.

2. Variety of Entertainment Activities

At the active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ, residents enjoy various activities, specially designed for the elderly. These range from swimming pools, exercise rooms, special dancing classes, and many more.

3. Readily Available On-site Services

One of the major advantages of 55+ active living is that most basic services are readily available within reach to the residents. Services such as laundry, salon, and medical services are available on-site, hence no need for hassle.

4. Top Tips for Choosing a 55+ active Living

When considering settling in mesa retirement communities or 55 plus communities in Gilbert, AZ, nailing the right location, priorities, neighborhood, ideal home design, and desired services may be a challenge. The following smart considerations can help one make an informed choice.

5. Prior Visit

Before settling on a preferred dwelling, one should make a personal visit to find out on their own what the community offers.

6. Cost of Living

It is important to find out about the costs incurred in security services, lawn upkeep, trash collection, utilities, and federal tax implications. Also consider the amount of money required to budget for gas, entertainment, groceries, and other basic needs.

7. Amenities

Active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ have specific facilities, amenities, and services offered as a package. Smaller communities may have limited facilities while large ones may have a wide range of activities to choose from.

8. Types of Active Adults Communities

Members of an active 55 community may opt to rent individual homes, apartments, or townhomes. Active adult communities can be classified into:

9. Age-Restricted Communities

These are strictly meant for people who are either 55 years old or more. Anyone below the statutory age requirement cannot obtain permanent residency. Normally, the outdoor maintenance fee is included in the homeowner’s monthly charge.

10. Age-Targeted Communities

These also target adults aged 55 years old or more, except that they are not age-restricted. The outdoor maintenance fee is also included in the owner’s monthly condominium fee.

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Where are the Best Active 55 Communities in Mesa, AZ?

If you are 55 or older and thinking about an independent, low-maintenance lifestyle away from the usual home, then Active 55 communities in Mesa, AZ offer the best match.

Palm Gardens RV Park guarantees high-quality retirement communities in Mesa, AZ. We have several options and opportunities for the 55+ residents to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our services.