Things To Consider When Choosing A Plan For Your Modular Home

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Figuring out the best floor plan for your new modular home can be both exciting and overwhelming. At any rate, it is not something you will forget for a long time to come. The first thing to do is decide what you actually need, and only after that, you need to figure out what you and your family wants. Following are some important aspects to pin down at the beginning.


It is important to remember the upper limit of what you can spend in a month, and stay within that. Running out of funds doesn’t do the project any favors. Taxes and insurance have a bearing on this as well, so do the math before you set your plan in motion.

Modular homes are ready-made houses with nothing to fix or add, which is what lowers the cost in comparison to a site-built home. Moreover, building time is a lot lesser, so you save on both fronts.

Number Of People

This is the deciding factor when choosing the number of rooms you need, and helps you determine the initial size of the living space. You should watch the bathroom fixtures and their sizes, as well as the storage space, including closets.


Another aspect of accounting for storage is deciding whether you need a whole area relegated to it. The garage and attic are perfect to put away a big heap of things when you don’t need them, besides parking your vehicle. If your area has really warm summers, consider a deck with patio doors, and a basement to help keep the place cool.

Open Concept Vs Dedicated Room Design

Your family needs must be assessed and prioritized before settling on a plan that fits for all of you. If you have young kids and want to be able to watch them while you are cooking, a large room is the best option. If you were more bothered about privacy than anything else is, then dedicated rooms might be the one for you.

Kitchen Appliances

It is smart to think of what is going to be in your kitchen, and design the space around them. Are you looking for an extra-large fridge or something simpler? Usability is paramount here. Another important factor is the view. What do you want to be looking at while eating cereal on the sidebar, or doing the dishes?

These are some of the things you should keep in mind while going for modular homes. Besides these, make sure to go for a reputed and reliable manufacturer like Palm Gardens when buying one. Get in touch with our customer care center for more details.