Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The RV Retirement Lifestyle

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Retirement situations these days aren’t all about spending your days on a golf course and at games of bridge at country club. Today, people want more adventure in their golden years, filled with activities and costing them less than what it used to. There are many approaches to get you there, though none delivers as good as the recreational vehicle (RV) retirement lifestyle. Here are a few aspects of RV living it will do you good to know, if you were to choose it someday.


RVs come from anywhere inside $3,000 to $3 million – that is based on age and features, and these days, there is plenty of variety there for you to choose from. When you consider what most people spend on lovely vehicles, it is always less than the equity in their homes. Then comes joining a campground or RV park, and if you can find an affordable option like Palm Gardens (they also have some of the best manufactured homes for sale in Arizona), then you are set to have an amazing life post-retirement.


Many people are gradually led up to the point where they embrace the choice of living in an RV. It is usually done from a fondness because they went camping growing up, and did it with their families. The only difference here is that you would be doing it full-time, and adopting the lifestyle might not be so easy for someone who is new to it. But if you know this is where you want to live, nothing should stand in the way.


Some campgrounds not having phones and Wi-Fi might not be a big issue if you are only staying a short while, but retirement life means you probably cannot do without these amenities. You cannot go to their office to get internet access, which means there should be hotspot capabilities. Space is another thing that you will have to compromise on.


Retirement should be all about doing the things you want to do, and for many people it is to see places they have never seen before. You can leave just about any time if you are living in an RV, although there is also the pleasure of getting to know your neighbors and making friends. At Palm Gardens, you will always have a spot reserved when you get back from a trip.

Different people find different attractions in the RV lifestyle, and it is usually too early to tell what you will like before you try it. All said and done, it is one of the most pleasant ways to spend your senior years.