Tips For Winter Camping In RV

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Winter camping in RV comes with many challenges, which many avid RV-ers love to take on. With the right equipment and clothing, you can successfully get through the cold months while enjoying the outdoors. But if you are planning on staying comfortable, an RV park is your best bet, one good reason being they have electrical and water hook-ups.

Things To Watch

The considerations for winter camping in RV should lean on how long you are going to be at the site. And of course, it is important whether the place will have hook-ups and bathhouses, like at the Palm Gardens RV Park at Mesa AZ.

If you are staying long, you should pay special attention to personal and equipment safety. The wind may get too much to put up with, in which case you could place a hay bale in the way so it loses most of its bite. When staying at a full hook-up campground, make sure the water hose is protected – use heat tape and insulation so the water does not freeze. If you are at a basic site, you should be paying the same attention to the battery backup and propane storage.

Keeping Warm

Most travelers use a furnace that runs on propane or electricity, but these drain the tanks and batteries pretty fast. Frigid weather does not help with the battery capacity either. If you are going to be out the whole day, turn the furnace down to 50 or 60 degrees, and use a space heater to warm up the interior when you get back. When you do get to use a power outlet, you can run the space heater alongside the furnace for extra warmth.

It is also important where you park the RV. Set up in a sunny area, and throw some rugs on the floor to keep your feet warm when you are inside.

The Interior

If you are lacking additional features in the RV designed for cold weather, then cover the windows with insulating plastic so they don’t siphon off heat. Buy or make roof vent covers to fit under the roof domes, but take care not to make the RV too airtight. You don’t want condensation forming on the windows and walls, and the air needs to be breathable while you are inside. Leave the cupboard doors open for good air circulation around the pipes.

These are some of the thing you can do to get through cold months when you are out winter camping in RV. For one thing, it is always wise to be at an RV park with full hookup and amenities in winter.