Top 5 AZ Mountain Peaks

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

Having a home base in sunny Arizona is easier than ever with Mesa mobile homes for sale at Palm Gardens. And what better way to take advantage of our more than 300 days of sunshine a year than by exploring the breathtaking mountain peaks Arizona has to offer.

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Whether an experienced mountain climber or a casual hiker; the numerous mountains of Arizona have something for every skill level. There are so many to choose from, so start your exploration with these Top 5 AZ Mountain Peaks:

  1. Humphrey’s Peak: The highest mountain in Arizona, Humphrey’s Peak is located in Coconino County in the northern part of the state. It is the 26th most prominent mountain in the lower 48 states, rising over 12,000 feet. Often referred to as “Arizona’s little Colorado,” Humphrey’s Peak seems out of place in the Arizona landscape. The view from the peak is breathtaking; to the north you can see the rim of the Grand Canyon, to the east the White Mountains and Holbrook, and to the south the Desert Mountains near Phoenix. Humphrey’s Peak is of moderate difficulty; anyone can make the climb but some may need more time than others. It is best to hike between the months of June and October.
  2. Mount Graham: Rising high above the southwestern deserts, Mount Graham is southern Arizona’s highest mountain. Towering over 7,800 feet above the town of Safford, Mount Graham is the highest point in the lofty Pinaleno Mountain range with a prominence of 6,320 feet; coming in at number 20 in the continental U.S. and surpassing such notables as Mount San Antonio and Pikes Peak.
  3. Mount Lemmon: The king of the Catalina Mountains, Mt. Lemmon’s broad summit rises nearly seven thousand feet above the city of Tucson. Its peak remains snowcapped while far below, saguaro cacti bask in the sun. Although a road runs to Lemmon’s summit, numerous trails and paths crisscross the mountain’s flanks with some even reaching the summit. The hike up is a long, strenuous 9,157 feet. Mount Lemmon is referred to as a “sky island.” This is because the base begins in low desert with cacti, but as you ascend the landscape changes dramatically to a pine-topped peak. The summit is generally 20-30 degrees colder than Tucson. While the summit itself is generally a mild temperature during the summer, the hike through the lower elevations can be excruciating so it is recommended to climb in spring and fall.
  4. Chiricahua Peak: Located in the southeast Cochise County, the highest point in the Chiricahua Mountains has a prominence of over 5,000 feet above the desert floor. The Chiricahua Mountains are the result of a gigantic volcanic eruption millions of years ago. The blast covered the base with ash that settled and formed tuff, which eroded into rounded domes and spires. The highest portions of the range feature rounded summits while lower down, the range is surrounded by peculiar gardens of hoodoos and spires. Trails ranging from short nature walks to long loops weave through these beautiful spires. This peak can generally be climbed about nine months out of the year and caution should only be needed in the event of occasional snow or very high temperatures.
  5. Miller Peak: The highest point in the Huachuca Mountains, the third highest range in southeast Arizona, Miller peak boasts elevations of 9,466 feet. It is only four miles north of the Mexican border, located within the Coronado National Forest and the Miller Peak Wilderness Area. With a prominence of 5,006 feet, Miller Peak is just big enough to make an appearance on the Ultra-Prominent Peaks list.

These five magnificent mountain peaks and many more await you only a short trip from Palm Gardens’ Mesa mobile homes.

Photo by: thegrekle