Ways To Liven Up You Mobile Home

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Palm Gardens

A mobile home unit is one of the most affordable ways to own a residence these days, especially in your senior years. Not only does this open up many different possibilities in terms of bonding with family and neighbors, but also with regard to customizing your home, the way you want to. It is a lot easier to manage a mobile home than a traditional home, and there are no almost no limits to cost effective redecoration based on your aesthetic tastes.


Maybe you want to redo the walls on the interior to give the place a homely look; in which case, you can paint the strips of molding between each panel. While white works really well in most homes, you can also throw in reds and greens for a feeling of warmth when someone steps in. If the walls don’t any work, then simply apply a coat of primer and then some semi-gloss on top of that. It is possible to remove the paneling, but this would take time and could ruin the walls.

If the ceiling needs to be painted as well because it has gotten dingy over a few seasons, apply white paint so that it brightens up the room and gives it a fresh and clean look.

Floor Treatment

Take out the dull brown carpeting that came with the mobile home and put in the tile or wood in its place. Set out rugs to lend the rooms a cozy feel. The stove area needs to be highlighted with a neutral rug, and the rest of the rugs should be placed to boost the appearance of tiny spaces. Keep a few of these around.

Furnishing And Upholstery

Do not clutter the rooms. Get one large piece of furniture and put it on the middle of the room. When picking upholstery, get plain colors instead of prints so that the room looks more spacious. Do not go for drapes or heavy curtains on the windows, because lighter materials are obviously better. Either get the blinds to match the overall color them or tint the windows to keep the excess light from getting in.


Get a cabinet that gives the mobile home a new look, something lightweight and suiting the theme you have in place. You could go with a construction material like honey-colored or light oak. If you are keeping the old cabinets, apply fresh paint to spruce them up. Take out the cabinet doors and replace with frosted or plain glass.