What is Boondocking?

The difference between boondocking and dry camping is the places where it’s done. (It’s not done in an RV Park!) When you go in a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot or any other location without hookups, you are dry camping.

Boondocking refers to dry camping out in the “boonies.” This means away from civilization, the Internet, sit-down restaurants and probably cell phone service.

A logical step to going boondocking is to practice by dry camping. This is so that if you have a problem, question or concern, assistance it readily available. (If you just don’t like it, finding that out is good, too.)

When you get more confident, you can slip further and further away from a civilization with services into a remote and beautifully isolated campsite. Few, if any, neighbors will be in that pristine place.

The Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service permit boondocking anywhere unless specifically prohibited by a Motor Vehicle Authorization Use map, signs or a fenced off area. You can drive down any authorized dirt road and camp in any authorized dispersed camping area (maps are available).

This is where you will find those secret, wonderfully isolated places you can call your own.