What is the Difference Between a Mobile Home Park and a Trailer Park?

Last Updated on January 24, 2022 by Palm Gardens

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The difference between a mobile home and a trailer park are oftentimes used synonymously together, which brings confusion to the minds of many. Mesa AZ trailer parks can be both temporary or long-term, whereas mobile homes for sale Mesa, AZ are more permanent but can still be moved to another location?

If you are confused, you are not alone and why we are finding out the difference between mobile home parks in Mesa versus trailer parks in Mesa, Arizona. It is no surprise with the current cost of housing combined with a soaring economy and rising food costs that people are looking for more affordable housing solutions in Mesa.

To discover the truth and difference between trailer parks and Mesa, AZ mobile homes in Arizona, continue reading this guide.

Mobile Home vs Trailer Park

One of the most important aspects to a mobile home is the fact that these homes are mobile and constructed on a steel chassis with axles and wheels. They are sometimes referred to as “trailers” and cause much of the confusion between trailer parks and mobile homes for sale Mesa AZ.

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Some of these key differences include:

  • Time of Stay
    Those who have purchased mobile homes for sale Mesa, AZ are considered permanent residents unless they decide to sell their mobile home and relocate. Another way to find out is to see if there are constant short-stayers or a changing of mobile homes. Making this self observation can often help you decide between the two.
  • The Type of Management
    The type of management can help distinguish between Mesa, AZ trailer parks and mobile home parks due to the fact that mobile home parks typically require more manpower. With Mesa, AZ mobile homes, you will see the residents making monthly payments.
    With trailer parks in Mesa, it is not uncommon to see new trailers or tenants every day or every few days. These types of parks are for those who are looking for a spot to vacation or settle down for a few weeks to a month before moving on to their next destination. These types of trailer parks are also known as RV parks.
  • Onsite Facilities
    The types of onsite facilities can tell you if it’s a mobile home or trailer park. For example, if you see public restrooms and shower facilities, there’s a good chance you’re in a trailer park with many temporary trailers; however, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any permanent residents. Some people live yearly in many trailer parks in Mesa.

Regardless of the Mesa, AZ trailer parks or mobile homes for sale Mesa, AZ, you can always find some that are better than others and come more recommended. Finding a respectable trailer or mobile home park is always top priority when looking for the best places to stay or live in Mesa, Arizona.

Where to Find the Best Mesa, AZ Trailer Parks in Arizona?

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