What’s there to see in a Park?

Well, if it’s a National Park, the answer to that question is “Much!” Hiking, kayaking, swimming and bird watching are just a few of the activities available for exploring from the anchor of your RV, mobile home or RV Park.

Consider the following facts:

  • There are 397 national parks providing a serene place to invigorate your body and mind.
  • In those parks, there are over 18,600 miles of trails! In many parks, guided tours are available or you can hike on your own.
  • There are over 43,000 miles of National Park Shoreline.
  • 5,450 miles of paved road wind in and around the nation’s National Parks.

In fact, right here in Arizona, there are 21 National Parks. Two worth exploring are near Mesa:

  • The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument: This is located between Phoenix and Tucson and was first established as a national reserve in 1892. The ruins are still one of the most spectacular federal park sites dedicated to the preservation, display and enhancement of early southwestern culture.
  • Tonto Basin’s Prehistoric People of the Salt River: About a two-hour drive from Mesa, these shallow caves overlooking Theodore Roosevelt’s Lake are almost 700 years old. The Tonto Basin is one of many valleys showing evidence of early farming activity and consists of about 300 square miles. The area supports diverse life from pinyon and Ponderosa pine to deer, quail and many more plants and animals.

So, leave your RV at the RV Park and take in a National Park or two!