Why are Manufactured Homes Great for Retirement?

Last Updated on September 1, 2021 by Palm Gardens

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The term manufactured homes, trailer homes, and mobile homes are often used interchangeably. These options are considered great for people who are retired. After all, the retirement stage is a piece of sweet ice on the cake, and manufactured homes make it even sweeter by offering unlimited perks.

Although these homes are linked to the poor reputation of trailer homes and mobile homes in the past, in reality, a manufactured home can be as sturdy and reliable as any traditional home. Since it’s affordable, easy to maintain, and a single-story building, it makes a great choice for older people.

Keep on reading to discover more on manufactured or mobile home retirement communities in Phoenix, Arizona, and the reasons behind choosing this option over a traditional home.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is a type of house that’s built in the factories as per federal standards. Once the manufacturing process is completed, the parts of the houses are transported to the permanent location for the further installation process.

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The origin of these homes started with the trailer homes that were used as a permanent housing option in late 1940. However, the requirements for the building material weren’t strict as it is for the mobile home retirement communities in Phoenix, AZ. Since 1970, the U.S housing department has set different safety and construction standards.

The new HUD code includes windstorm protection, fire safety, building materials, heating and cooling, insulation, electrical system, and plumbing system as well. Therefore, the houses available in the list of retirement mobile homes for sale in Arizona are perfectly constructed for permanent living.

3 Reasons to Choose Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Phoenix, AZ

With the increasing population of older people and the crisis of affordable housing across the U.S, it’s crucial to find a reliable solution for retired people. There are mobile home retirement communities in Arizona, where retired people could live with neighbors of the same age. It’s considered a great alternative for older people.

The reasons to choose mobile home retirement communities in Phoenix, AZ are:


Housing costs are a major concern for retired people as they’re on a fixed income. Currently, the majority of people have been choosing rented houses after their retirement which increases the expenses. Alternatively, the manufactured home’s price especially in 55 communities in Arizona mobile homes for sale is quite cheap.

Although manufactured homes can also be rented in specific communities, the majority of people buy them since it’s way cheaper than traditional homes. In a community made for older people in Arizona, there will be retirement trailer parks Arizona to spend leisure time with loved ones.

Easy to Maintain

Community maintenance and house cleaning are difficult jobs for older people. Mobile homes are easy to maintain along with the communities. In fact, the 55 plus mobile home parks in Phoenix, Arizona are well maintained by the concerned authorities.

People can take a stroll in the evening, morning, or any time of their day in the retirement trailer parks Arizona with people of similar ages and share their life stories with each other.

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Located in 55+ Communities

Most of these manufactured homes in 55 older mobile home parks in Arizona are designed with the purpose of making lives comfortable and convenient for older people. Therefore, these houses located in mobile home retirement communities in Phoenix AZ include all the luxury amenities for entertainment for the aged people.

Living in the 55+ communities is worthwhile for retired people as they not only get the best amenities but also get in touch with friendly neighbors who are of the same ages. There are several mobile homes for sale in retirement communities in Arizona, where the price range could be cheaper than other sources.

The Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Phoenix, AZ

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If you’re looking for 55 older mobile home parks in Arizona, contact us for further information. We can help you find the sweet space for convenient living after your retirement without breaking your bank.