Why is Everyone Moving to Arizona from California?

Last Updated on July 2, 2022 by Palm Gardens

One quick online search about 55 and older communities in Mesa, Arizona shows why this state is becoming a destination for 55 plus mobile home communities. Considered one of the top ten fastest-growing US states, Arizona offers those looking for a retirement spot where they can enjoy the best part of their golden years.

With main attractions such as the Grand Canyon, it’s no wonder seniors are searching for the best landscapes with the most economical housing options that meet their budget and adventurous outdoor attractions within close proximity to home. Mesa mobile homes at Palm Gardens provide the best mobile homes for seniors.

To discover more reasons why everyone is moving from Arizona to California and why now is the best time ever to invest in a manufactured home in Mesa, Arizona, continue reading.

Top 6 Reasons to Move to Arizona from California

Arizona landscapes There are many reasons why people move from California to Arizona from the lower costs of living to the great scenic sites and red rocky landscapes. 55 and older communities in Mesa, Arizona provide the perfect balance for seniors to have a healthier lifestyle and comfortable living.

Here are six reasons why seniors are packing up and jumping locations:

1. Affordable Cost of Living

The state of Arizona offers some of the most affordable cost of living with the average cost of living approximately $800 per month and for a family of four, $2,700 per month, plus housing cost. Therefore, 55 and older communities in Mesa, Arizona provide seniors with affordable cost of living that meets their budgets.

2. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is 18 miles wide, 277 miles long, and one mile deep. It’s also divided by the South Rim and the North Rim but the former is what drives and flies in the visitors as it contains a rail and airport service. Mobile homes for seniors allows access to this breathtaking attractraction year round.

3. Beautiful Sunshine

One thing Arizona is famous for is its bright and beautiful sunshine with more than 320 per year of abundant rays. This is why now is the best time ever to invest in a manufactured home in Mesa, Arizona because for seniors with aging health conditions, clean air and sunshine adds years to their healthy living.

4. State Capitol Phoenix

Phoenix AZ Many people love the fact that such a big city can be so closely located to 55 and older communities in Mesa, Arizona. Phoenix offers people a rich cultural life, great adventures outdoors, excellent job opportunities, breat-taking desert landscapes, famous food flavors, easy access to popular destinations, and more than 200 golf courses.

5. Job Opportunities

Another reason why everyone is moving from California to Arizona into Mesa mobile homes is it’s touted as being ranked third in the US for job growth. With top-rated employment sectors such as transportation, trade, government, health care, education, hospitality, utilities, financial services, and technology, it’s a good reason why.

6. A Heavenly Retirement

retirement in Arizona 55 and older communities in Mesa, Arizona provide seniors with a myriad of benefits and a heavenly retirement. Warm and sunny weather combined with clean air is a natural blessing for seniors living with diseases like chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, respiratory illnesses, and others, making Arizona a prime location.

Where Are the Best 55 and Older Communities in Mesa, Arizona?

Many seniors are discovering why now is the best time ever to invest in a manufactured home in Mesa, Arizona is at Palm Gardens, due to the great selection of mobile homes and the security of gated communities with all of the amenities.

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