Why Now is the Best Time Ever to Invest in a Manufactured Home in Mesa Arizona?

Last Updated on April 29, 2022 by Palm Gardens

Heading into 2022, the current status of the world and unpredictable state of inflation and rising economy due Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there may never be a better time to invest in manufactured homes for sale at Palm Gardens in Mesa, Arizona. Many are taking this route for more affordable housing as opposed to new homes.

buying manufactured homes According to one of the most authoritative federal housing administrators for urban development in the US, the United States Department of Urban Development reports that there are a record number of people who are buying manufactured homes because the rising cost of lumber today is driving new home development down.

While there are several factors to consider when buying mobile homes, it is best to know the reasons why and benefits; therefore, to discover them, keep reading.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Mobile Homes

When it comes to manufactured homes for sale, there are certain factors that can make the decision and transition go smoother while making homebuyers feel like they made the right choice. At Palm Gardens in Mesa, Arizona, we provide a wide range and scalable mobile homes for sale.

Here are five factors to consider when buying mobile homes for sale in Mesa, Arizona:

1. Mobile Homes for Sale in 2022 Are Booming

building plan Manufactured homes for sale in Mesa, Arizona in 2022 are booming due to the cost of building material per square foot. Manufactured homes by Palm Gardens come with many options for financing and flexible mortgages. They also qualify for USDA, VA, and FHA and are significantly more affordable than building a new house nowadays.

2. Investments Stand Up Against Inflation

Many people discover that buying manufactured homes sustains their investments and stand up against the ever-rising inflation, especially in today’s unpredictable housing infrastructure with the prices of food and gasoline skyrocketing. This is largely due to the costs of a mobile home versus the investment for a stick built house per sqft.

3. The Same High-Quality Construction Materials

building maretial To the surprise of most, one of the biggest factors to consider when buying mobile homes is they are made with the same high-quality construction material as a new house constructed with wood. Instead of being built on top of a concrete foundation that is outfitted with a steel chassis, the mobile home itself uses the same materials.

4. Mobile Homes Are More Popular

Manufactured homes for sale are more popular among several age brackets from young couples just starting out to those in their 30s and 40s and seniors because they are more affordable and can be owned outright by a landslide of years of mortgage rates that keep homeowners in debt longer and chained to the financing company or bank.

5. Mobile Homes Can Be Passed Down

passing down mobile home Since buying mobile homes is more economical than a traditional house, they can be paid for in a fraction of the time as opposed to being tied down to a mortgage payment for 30 years that often needs to be refinanced. Therefore, owning one can be passed down to loved ones as a free gift.

While the above factors to consider when buying mobile homes are key reasons to own one, there are many more extended benefits such as being able to relocate the mobile homes whereas conventional homes are very stationary.


Where to Buy The Best Manufactured Homes for Sale in Mesa, Arizona?

The answer to that question is here at Palm Gardens in Mesa, Arizona. We provide the best manufactured homes for sale and offer a wide selection of units with different floor plans, one to two baths with garden tubs, and state-of-the-art kitchens with energy efficient appliances that are found in standard homes.

manufactured homes for sale in Mesa ArizonaPalm Gardens is the best mobile home park in Mesa, Arizona for anyone who wants a more affordable housing solution with turnkey options and financing. Owning a manufactured home is easy and offers people the same luxuries as houses do and can be paid for much faster.

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