Why Winter is the Best in Mesa Arizona?

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Winter is a difficult time of the year almost everywhere. If you live someplace with severe winter weather, it can feel intolerable.

When it comes to weather Mesa, AZ residents report that winters are incredibly mild compared to most places. The region receives no snow, and the average winter day is sunny and beautiful. The region’s balmy winter weather also helps to fuel a migration of “snowbirds” to the area, providing a sense of community in manufactured homes Mesa Az.

If you’ve been suffering through snowy winters, it’s time to make a change. Read on to find out more about Mesa Arizona winter weather, activities, and more.

What is the Winter Like in Mesa, Arizona?

mesa arizona

The average Mesa Arizona winter is mild, sunny, and pleasant. Nightly temperatures may drop, but even nighttime frosts are rare. Most nights, all you’ll need to stay warm is a comfortable sweatshirt so that you can leave your down jackets and snowboots behind.

Does It Snow in Mesa, Arizona?

One of the top questions from visitors in Northern climes is, does it snow in Mesa, Arizona? You’ll be happy to know that snow in the Mesa area is all but unheard of. A look at Mesa, AZ weather history will show that the greater Phoenix area received a dusting of snow nine years ago.

The few flakes that fell were such an oddity that locals whipped out their cameras to document the event.

What is the Coldest Month in Mesa, Arizona?

If you’re happy to hear that it rarely snows in Mesa, you may still be wondering, what is the coldest month in Mesa, Arizona? December is the coldest month, but don’t be too worried. Average temperatures range from a reasonable 40oF to a balmy 67oF. These high nightly lows make Mesa Arizona winter feel like spring in most places.

Average Mesa Arizona Winter Temperatures by Month

arizona winterIf you’re planning a short visit instead of spending a full winter in Mesa, you may want to do more than check the Mesa, AZ weather 15 day forecast. Getting an idea of what the weather is like each month makes it easier for various things to do in Mesa.

When they look at the 30 day forecast Mesa, AZ residents can expect these temps in terms of average highs/lows:

  • January: 66/39
  • February: 70/43
  • March: 75/47
  • April: 83/52
  • May: 92/60
  • June: 103/69
  • July: 105/77
  • August: 103/76
  • September: 98/69
  • October: 87/57
  • November: 74/46
  • December: 67/39

Unless you love the heat, a brief review of Mesa, AZ weather history should make you think twice about visiting in the summer.
The highest recorded temperature in Mesa, AZ was 188.9oF in July 1995.
That said, when it comes to winter weather Mesa, AZ can’t be beaten.

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